Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts-Theatre at Crandall University


Rosebud School of the Arts' transfer agreement with Crandall University offers RSA students an opportunity to transfer two years, or up to sixty credit hours, toward a four-year Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts with a major in Theatre.


Thirty-nine credit hours are applied to the major requirements of the BA in Communication Arts, while the other 21 credits are awarded as free electives.


Crandall is a Christian university in New Brunswick with a long history and reputation for academic excellence. Its mission is to transform lives through quality university education firmly rooted in the Christian faith.


In turn Crandall students train at RSA for an entire year, while they work toward their degree in Communication Arts. Students immerse themselves in theatre classes while contributing backstage to the operations of Rosebud Theatre. Crandall students are welcome to join the RSA Study Trips to Canada's West Coast, New York City, or London, England. There is an optional program extension through the summer months by performing with the Canadian Badlands Passion Play in Drumheller, AB. The course work culminates in a Certificate in Theatre Foundations from RSA, while thirty credits are transferred toward the student's degree at Crandall.


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