Choreography by the Students of THR 141 Movement Foundations
Raps Written by Isajah MacDonald

April 2017
BMO Studio Stage

A story about RSA student, Wade Webster and his journey, taken by social services at age 3, put into 15 foster homes and 3 group homes in 10 years, endless trauma, until finally, the power of one woman’s love changed everything. Told through live music, dance and rap, Wade’s story is a tale of hope and healing.

This show is presented by Rosebud School of the Arts Theatre Foundations Students, as a final presentation of their Movement class and an opportunity to showcase our first-year students.

Directed by:  

Deanne Bertsch
Anja Jonsson
Carleigh Dougherty
Keisha Wright
Joel Braun
Isajah MacDonald
Sarah Robinson
Rebbekah Ogden
Jessica Joy Krause
Hayley Rosenau
Wade Webster