The Laramie Project

By Moisés Kaufman and the Members of Tectonic Theater Project

April 2017
At the BMO Studio Stage

The Laramie Project is a breathtaking theatrical collage that explores the depths to which humanity can sink and heights of compassion we are capable of.

With the full spectrum of hope to despair, The Laramie Project tells the story of Matthew Shepard, who, in October 1998, was kidnapped, severely beaten and left to die, tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming.

Five weeks later, Moises Kaufman and fellow members of the Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie, and over the course of the next year, conducted more than 200 interviews with residents of the town. From these interviews they created The Laramie Project, a riveting chronicle of the life of the town of Laramie in the year after the murder of gay university student Matthew Shepard.

Some harsh language. Not recommended for children under 14.

"The second year students did an amazing job, and you should be so proud of them. Such a difficult and challenging story to tell and they were outstanding.  So proud that Rosebud will tell this very important story. I understand some of your patrons may find this difficult watch, but it is a story that needs to be told, so that it is never repeated."
- Lee Booth, Theatre Calgary


The Laramie Project Cast
Jordan Cutbill Greg Pierottie, Sgt. Hing, Dennis Shepard, Rulon Stacey
Anna Dalgleish Amanda Gronich, Waitress, Shadow, Reggie Fluty, Tiffany Edwards
Bill Daugherty Father Roger Schmit, Judge, Anonymous, Priest, Cal Rerucha
Duncan Hicks Philip Dubois, Stephen Belber, Doug Laws, Aaron Kreifels, Gil Engen, Bailiff
Esther Koepnick Rebecca Hilliker, Zubaida Ula, Dr. Cantway, Bill McKinney, Reverend Fred Phelps
Kelsey Krogman Gov. Jim Geringer, Marge Murray, Moisés Kaufman, Catherine Connolly, Conrad Miller, Lucy Thompson
Frances MacDonald Kerry Drake, Trish Steger, Sherry Aanenson, Sherry Johnson, Mormon Home Teacher to Russell Henderson
Heidi MacDonald Doc O'Connor, Alison Mears, Baptist Minister, Reporter, Rob Debree
Zach Running Coyote Jedadiah Schultz, Jonas Slonaker, Matt Mickelson, Reporter, Andrew Gomez
Emily-Anne Salkeld Zackie Salmon, Romaine Patterson, Kristen Price, Reporter, Jen
Shayleigh Sihlis April Silva, Barbara Pitts, Minister's Wife, Jeffrey Lockwood, Reporter, Email Writer, Russell Henderson
Matthew Oliver van Diepen Andy Paris, Jon Peacock, Phil Labrie, Anonymous Friend of Aaron McKinney's, Reporter, Murdock Cooper, Harry Woods, Aaron McKinney
Mikayla Whitehouse Eileen Engen, Leigh Fondakowski, Stephen Mead Johnson, Matt Galloway, Shannon
Artistic Personnel  
Paul F. Muir Director
Jordan Cutbill Sound Design
Brad G. Graham Lighting
Norma Roth Set & Costume Design Consultant
Brad G. Graham Stage Manager