Grades and Equivalents

Rosebud School of the Arts uses a letter grading system. Grades have the following meaning:

A+ Outstanding work 95 – 100%  4.0
A 90 – 94%  4.0
A- Accomplished work 85 – 89%  3.7
B+ 80 – 84%   3.3
B Skilled work 75 – 79% 3.0
B- 70 – 74%  2.7
C+ Practiced work 65 – 69% 2.3
C 60 – 64%  2.0
C- Passable work 57 – 59% 1.7
D+ 55 – 56% 1.3
D Unprepared work 50 – 54% 1.0
F Failed work less than 50% 0.0


Non-Grade Designations

Audit: With permission, a student may attend classes in a given course without receiving credit. A student who audits a course must attend as many classes as they are able to and actively engage in assignments and discussion. Studio-based classes are generally not suitable for auditing unless an arrangement has been made with the instructor and registrar.

Faculty Incomplete: Awaiting mark from instructor.

Student Incomplete: Student work not completed for final grade. If the student makes prior arrangements to complete a course after the end of a term, the instructor may award an “incomplete.” If the work is not completed within the agreed time, a grade of zero will be awarded for the incomplete work and calculated into the final grade for the course.

Pass/Fail: Selected workshops and many practicum courses are assessed on a PASS/FAIL basis with a written evaluation. Credit is awarded if the student achieves a PASS for the course.

Withdrew: Student withdrew from the course. No assessment given.

Grade Appeal

The basic assumption of RSA regarding grading policies is that the instructor for each course is best able to evaluate the student’s performance. However, in order to provide balance in assessment, a grade appeal process is available to the student.

If a student believes that his/her grade for a course or assignment is inappropriate, the student should speak to the course instructor within two weeks of receiving the grade in question.

If the consultation with the instructor does not resolve the disagreement, the student may present a written appeal to the education director, who will investigate the matter and perhaps ask another instructor to grade the work in question. The decision made by the education director will be final.