Unity (1918) Cast

Renee Cyr* Beatrice
Holly Langmead* Sissy
Anja Jonsson* Mary
Matthew Schaaf* Michael
Rachel Franson* Sunna
Rebecca Hellekson* Rose
Amy Pohl* Doris
Chris Friesen* Hart
Matthew Schaaf* Stan
Joel Braun* Glen
Kalena Lewandowski* Ensemble
Rebecca Hellekson* Man #1
Amy Pohl* Man #2
As Cast Voice(s)

Unity (1918)

April 4 - 27
BMO Studio Stage
Directed by Jeany Van Meltebeke

Based on the true and devastating history of Unity, Saskatchewan, Unity (1918) follows a town’s slow and uneasy descent from hope to despair. Joyous and optimistic as the Great War draws to a close, the small town is abuzz, never suspecting that, onboard the train with the returning soldiers follows an invisible viral killer. Despondent and wallowing or aggressive and livid, the townsfolk are picked off just the same, as Unity (1918) examines the human response to a danger unable to be controlled.

Tickets are available at 1-800-267-7553 or  
Adult $20. 
Youth $15. Groups (20+) $15.

* Rosebud School of the Arts Mentorship Student
(F) Fellow of Rosebud School of the Arts (FRSA)


Artistic Personnel

Paul F. Muir Producer
Jeany Van Meltebeke Director
Mikayla Whitehouse* Assistant Director
Jeany Van Meltebeke Scenic Designer
Glenda Graham Costume Designer
Brad G. Graham Lighting Designer
Kyla Ferrier Sound Designer
Paul F. Muir Intimacy Coordinator
Brad G. Graham Stage Manager
 Kalena Lewandowski* Production Assistant

Production Personnel

Mark Lewandowski (F) Production Manager
Brad G. Graham Production Stage Manager
Jamie Burns Technical Director
Wojtek Kozlinski Set Advisor
Glenda Graham (F) Costume Advisor
Trisha Lewandowski Asst. Costume Advisor
Mark Lewandowski (F) Lighting Advisor
Brad G. Graham Props Advisor










Catching Foxes

May 2 - 4

Catching Foxes is a presentation of the RSA Theatre Foundations Movement class under the guidance of Julie Funk. Through experimentation and exploration of various physical patterns and using the imagery and poetics from the Song of Songs, these students have devised a movement score telling the tale of how we out-witted the troubling foxes in our lives and allowed our hearts to be set free - our enemies become our allies.

Run time for Catching Foxes is 45 minutes.

Tickets are available at 1-800-267-7553 or  
Adult $16. 
Youth $12. Groups (20+) Call for pricing