What is Rosebud School of the Arts? 

The mission of Rosebud School of the Arts is to provide facilities, organization, education, and top-quality programmes in the realm of the arts to express God’s wonderful and universal gifts to His children in a spirit of hope, joy, forgiveness, and love.
  • Rosebud is an inspiring community dedicated to aesthetic integrity and environmental sustainability.
  • Rosebud School of the Arts and Rosebud Theatre are cultural beacons providing an inclusive, spiritual articulation of the arts.
  • A broadly-based Board of Governors champions a highly specialized work force dedicated to excellence in post-secondary learning, professional theatre, and hospitality.
  • Graduates are significant and relevant to Canada’s cultural scene.

Rosebud School of the Arts is a non-profit charitable educational institution recognized by the Alberta Legislature through the passage of the Rosebud School of the Arts Act (RSA 1988) as an institution of secondary and higher learning in both the theoretical and practical fields of the Fine Arts for the betterment of society as an expression of Christian values.

Rosebud School of the Arts is a guild school that provides theatre training within a community of professional working artists. These artists recognize that their deepest source of inspiration springs from their relationship with Christ and have found the arts to be a powerful vehicle for expressing faith. It is through the arts that the Creativity of the Spirit can be revealed, becoming Light in a darkened world, serving as Salt of the earth.


  • Every year students travel to New York City, London, England, or Canada’s West Coast to immerse themselves in theatre, workshops, and tours.
  • Students apprentice in a resident theatre company.
  • RSA is the only theatre school that offers one-on-one coaching for advanced students.
  • Students train in a community of believing artists, each receiving personalized guidance, mentoring, and practical training to prepare them for a career in the performing arts.
  • RSA is nestled in a tranquil river valley where inspiration abounds and students are challenged in their life-long journey of integrating faith and art.

Rosebud School of the Arts is governed by a Board of Governors, appointed as follows: one third from Rosebud Fellowship, one third from the staff of the School, and one third from the student body or alumni of the School. Four directors – one for each of Rosebud’s departments: Executive Director (Administration), Education Director, Artistic Director (Theatre), and Hospitality Director provide the vision that guides the organization.


  • We value the qualities of character expressed in the livesof people who show patience, self-control, determination, love and caring, joy, peace, and honesty in facing life’s challenges.
  • We value the creative human spirit that sees life unfettered and is set free to explore its potential.
  • We value quality and the pursuit of excellence.
  • We value the qualities of life and community afforded us by a quiet rural setting.
  • We value our spiritual roots and draw our inspiration from God whose presence fills the universe. We value our relationship with Jesus Christ who redeems our lives and is the Source of our being.
  • We value the responsibility of being public communicators, whose influence far exceeds our meagre resources.
  • We acknowledge our role as artists in Canadian society and our responsibility to influence it for the better.
  • We value being Canadians whose rich heritage affords us our unique place in the world and whose founding principles recognize the supremacy of God.
  • We value the diversity of Canadian culture which makes us sensitive to the broader context of international cultures.

Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture
that you fit into it without even thinking.
Instead, fix your attention on God
You’ll be changed from the inside out
Romans 12:2a (The Message)