Mentorship Programme

Rigorous training for a career in the theatre and apprenticeship opportunities on the Rosebud Theatre stage.

A large focus of the programme is on scene study, characterization, monologues and performance. Students work primarily on the techniques of acting and the disciplines that support it such as dance, speech, and voice. Also included are private acting and singing lessons.

The performance component of Acting level 1 takes place on the Studio Stage where students are expected to be fully involved in Studio Stage productions and the production process, from acting to stage management to costumes, props, lights, and set construction. Near the end of the school year, students will audition for Rosebud Theatre’s upcoming season to determine placement in Acting level 2.

The focus of Acting level 2 & 3 is on performance in a professional theatre company. Students are expected to audition and perform in productions at the Opera House and the Studio Stage in addition to completing a number of independent projects, including performing in a self produced final project. Specialized classes in voice, acting, and auditioning round out the curriculum. Acting students are eligible to attend Theatre Alberta’s Emerge auditions after completion of Mentorship level 3, providing they meet Theatre Alberta’s criteria.